5 Martial Arts That You Need To Know About

There can be little doubt that learning any form of martial arts is an excellent way to improve your self-esteem and fitness. Back in the day, there were only a handful of these styles to choose from, and that may not have been bad thing. Essentially, back in the 60’s you had a choice of the following to choose from:






And that pretty much covered it for people living in the Western world, and we did okay with this rather sparse selection. Of course, over in the Eastern part of the globe, there were many living martial arts that were used. But a lot of these were practiced by the armed forces and monks, and they hadn’t really bothered with sharing these deadly styles at that point. Nobody could blame them, because they were never formulated for any form of future dilution.  But over the last 40 years, there has been a massive increase in various styles and we are now inundated with dozens of versions of martial arts, here is a small selection for you:

Muay Thai

Tae Kwon Do

Tang Soo Do


Wing Chun




Even these forms have many derivatives and it can be downright confusing when you are faced with a choice. But the rest of this article is all about the martial art styles that have yet to become as prominent in today’s society.

Vale Tudo

This is a very vicious fighting style that has its origins in Brazil, a real hotbed of martial arts hybrid styles. Vale Tudo is a favoured style amongst mixed martial artists and is also known as NHB – No holds barred. This martial art was originally made popular in Brazilian circuses and can be traced back to 1928. The Gracie brothers are big fans of this form of fighting and its exponents can be seen at any UFC event.


Bacom was originally developed in Peru and is a mixture of several martial arts, and the focus is on maximising the injuries that you cause your unlucky opponent. Exponents of this art often carry hidden weapons, and this explains the common deaths that usually follow a bout of Bacom.

Kapu Ku ialua

This Hawaiian martial art is also known as Lua and it is all about breaking your opponent’s bones. The two fighters will come together and usually try to squeeze the life out of each other whilst using head butts and eye gouging for added fun.


This one originated in the good old USA and is an acronym for Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement. We think that Line is catchier but wouldn’t like to argue with the bad ass Marine Corps who conceived this deadly art back in 1990. It usually ends in a life being taken and therefore shouldn’t be used in a sparring scenario.

Rough and Tumble

Although our last martial arts system sounds rather like a line dancing move, it is anything but. Essentially, this was a step up from boxing and included some slick moves such as eye gouging and biting the opponent’s tongue clean in half…sick!

Which One For You?

So many styles and so little time, just check that your life insurance is in place before signing up for one of these beauties!

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