Diet, supplements & exercise for over 55′S

Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet.

Research of late is showing that there is much we can do as we age to ward off the more serious effects of aging. One of the major issues is that the body stops producing or reduces production of hormones, some brain chemicals and other substances which have been a major part of our health and well-being during the earlier phases of our lives. If we wish to continue to live a productive active and healthy life we need to find out as much as we can about these substances and how we can boost or supplement the ongoing production of them. A healthy diet and a moderate but regular exercise program are a good start but more can be done by the use of supplements which if we use the correct ones will boost thing like energy levels and enable our “creaking” bodies to complete better exercise programs and recover more quickly, thus boosting our metabolism and helping to control things like weight loss and the loss of lean muscle mass.

The following substances are some which have been well researched for their effects on resisting the aging process.

Coenzyme Q10: seems to have significant benefits as it helps to keep the body running efficiently by working on cell function. we need to maintain appropriate levels.

Aspirin: can get rid of headaches, relieve minor pain and low grade fevers. Also, aspirin helps with blood flow and can reduce the risk of colon cancer by slowing the growth of polyps.

Carnitine: this is a nutrient which helps turn fat into energy. It is produced in the liver and kidneys, then is stored in the brain muscles and sperm (can help increase the sperm count) Acetyl-L-Carnitine has been touted as a treatment for Alheimers and as an anti-aging supplement as it can improve memory function.

Fish Oil: is a universal supplement that has an impact on heart and brain health in particular in ways that will assist the resistance to the aging process.

English: Blue borage crop. Borage is a high value crop grown to produce starflower oil for health food supplements and skincare products.


5 Martial Arts That You Need To Know About

There can be little doubt that learning any form of martial arts is an excellent way to improve your self-esteem and fitness. Back in the day, there were only a handful of these styles to choose from, and that may not have been bad thing. Essentially, back in the 60’s you had a choice of the following to choose from:






And that pretty much covered it for people living in the Western world, and we did okay with this rather sparse selection. Of course, over in the Eastern part of the globe, there were many living martial arts that were used. But a lot of these were practiced by the armed forces and monks, and they hadn’t really bothered with sharing these deadly styles at that point. Nobody could blame them, because they were never formulated for any form of future dilution.  But over the last 40 years, there has been a massive increase in various styles and we are now inundated with dozens of versions of martial arts, here is a small selection for you:

Muay Thai

Tae Kwon Do

Tang Soo Do


Wing Chun




Even these forms have many derivatives and it can be downright confusing when you are faced with a choice. But the rest of this article is all about the martial art styles that have yet to become as prominent in today’s society.

Vale Tudo

This is a very vicious fighting style that has its origins in Brazil, a real hotbed of martial arts hybrid styles. Vale Tudo is a favoured style amongst mixed martial artists and is also known as NHB – No holds barred. This martial art was originally made popular in Brazilian circuses and can be traced back to 1928. The Gracie brothers are big fans of this form of fighting and its exponents can be seen at any UFC event.


Bacom was originally developed in Peru and is a mixture of several martial arts, and the focus is on maximising the injuries that you cause your unlucky opponent. Exponents of this art often carry hidden weapons, and this explains the common deaths that usually follow a bout of Bacom.

Kapu Ku ialua

This Hawaiian martial art is also known as Lua and it is all about breaking your opponent’s bones. The two fighters will come together and usually try to squeeze the life out of each other whilst using head butts and eye gouging for added fun.


This one originated in the good old USA and is an acronym for Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement. We think that Line is catchier but wouldn’t like to argue with the bad ass Marine Corps who conceived this deadly art back in 1990. It usually ends in a life being taken and therefore shouldn’t be used in a sparring scenario.

Rough and Tumble

Although our last martial arts system sounds rather like a line dancing move, it is anything but. Essentially, this was a step up from boxing and included some slick moves such as eye gouging and biting the opponent’s tongue clean in half…sick!

Which One For You?

So many styles and so little time, just check that your life insurance is in place before signing up for one of these beauties!

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The Uninsured in America

Health insurance is for many Americans a dream, just out of reach. The number of Americans without health insurance increases by one million people each year, leaving one in six people under 65 without coverage. Without coverage, illnesses go untreated, risking the lives of those who need care. Simple colds can progress into stronger illnesses, presenting the sick person or their caretaker with some tough decisions.

So many people go without health insurance because it is primarily a work-based benefit. Most people who have insurance are only insured because it is either provided without cost by their employer, or at a low enough cost to be affordable to them. However, most of those without insurance are also employed—eight out of every ten uninsured people is a worker or dependent of a worker without any employer-based insurance program—usually in the construction or service industries. As a result of their employment, they cannot be deemed poor by the federal poverty standards, and therefore cannot receive the aid of any federal or state aid program. Basically, it is a vicious cycle.

So many people without health insurance usually put off going to the doctor in hopes that their symptoms will subside and they can avoid a trip to the doctor that they cannot afford. However, in many cases, these symptoms either don’t subside or they increase in strength and nature, and the person who was hoping to avoid the cost of a doctor visit may end up with the cost of a trip to the hospital instead. Because of the lack of insurance, many people whose illnesses, if treated early, could have been curtailed or cured instead must live with the effects of the illness, or in extreme cases, die.

Treatments that are unable to be compensated are usually covered by federal and state subsidies, meaning the amount of extra money needed to provide coverage for the uninsured is small. When calculating a budget for national health care, this money is usually not included in the calculation. By redirecting this money into a federal insurance program instead of just covering what is left unpaid, the nation would be able to provide insurance for all the uninsured with little extra cost.

How can we help? Lobby our state and national representatives. Healthcare is a basic right, not a privilege, and everyone deserves the same treatment. Other nations have implemented a national health plan with success, and with careful planning and reconsideration and redirection of funds, we can solve this problem. The movement for a national health program is gaining momentum again, but we cannot let this issue fall by the wayside. Let your voice be heard.


Effective Tips For Weight Loss

Have you got a big and lazy belly? Are you fed up with the embarrassment and awkwardness that may arise at work or at get together? Obviously you are not alone. There are thousands of people who are worried about their weight and big belly. They just want to get rid of their excessive fat; no matter what cost they have to pay. Most of the people go for synthetic and artificial ways like medications and injections. Very few of these people return happy with a long term solution. But majority of the people return sad with the same big belly. This is because they don’t realize that actual and long term solution to their problem is hidden in natural remedies of weight loss with phenq.

You diet plays the most important role in your weight loss or weight gain. Excessive consumption of chocolate, snacks, and fried foods result in too much fat content in your body. This consequently results in extra fat which is unnecessary and harmful for your body. This fat is also responsible for your excessive weight. It is always recommended by experts and doctors to have your diet on baked natural foods. You should try to consume as much fruits and vegetables as possible. Vegetables and fruits not only provide you with adequate amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals but also help getting your weight lose.

Regularity in the consumption of day meals is of immense importance in order to lose weight. Many employed and busy people often skip their lunch which have a great negative impact on their stomach and consequently on whole of their body. It is strongly recommended not to skip the three meals of the day. Furthermore, these meals should be comprised of as much natural and fresh foods as possible. Try to avoid processed and packed foods as they are rich in fat content.

Learning is always very good for your betterment. Learning about losing weight will be not only beneficial for your weight but will also be a fun and enjoyment. You should be able to read and understand the claims and labels written on packed foods. Some processed foods are especially designed to lose weight. They contain ingredients which burn up your excessive fat and provide you with necessary vitamins, proteins and testogen minerals. You should also be not over-restrictive on your food consumption. Obviously everyone has his/her favorite food. It is not bad to have your delicious meals with a reasonable proportion.

A proper and effective weight loss plan is always incomplete without regular and active physical exercises. Experts and doctors always suggest having at least 30 to 60 minutes of daily physical exercise. This not only burns your excessive fat but also keep you active and fresh. Every person is comfortable in different type of physical exercises. Therefore, if you are unable to determine the most suitable physical exercise for yourself, then you should consult your doctor or physicist. The more regular and steady you are in your exercises, the quicker and effectively you will lose your weight. Weight-bearing exercises are also recommended at least twice a week. But you should not practice such exercises without consulting your physician.


Different Levels of Anxiety, Learn Here

Anxiety is a human phenomenon that s universal. It is a usually defined as a feeling of great dread or fear due to a cause that is unknown. Everyone knows what it feels like to be anxious as we have all experienced such a feeling at some point in life. As soon as you are anxious, you may feel like getting rid of such a feeling and may want to feel normal again but somehow you cialis achat cannot control it.

For some individuals anxiety is a frequent experience. They are overwhelmed by the feeling that they are up against unseen situations more regularly than do normal persons. Nearly everything seems unfamiliar to them. Anxiety of this form is a reflection of change in one’s mental state. Studies have shown that frequent panic or anxiety attacks are related to being regularly exposed to stressors. Based on such studies, anxiety is a natural human reaction to being stressed.

Anxiety has four levels. Mild anxiety is experienced by those persons suffering from increased blood pressure and pulse. Such persons are alert just the same and are able to solve problems. Persons who experience increased vital signs, diaphoresis (excessive sweating), and tense muscles fall within a moderate anxiety level. Such persons are usually fearful and anxious and are focused only on a single concern. If you fall within the third level of anxiety then you have a severe case. Persons in the third level experience dry mouth, numbness, and a constant state of “fight/flight”. These are persons who can hardly move as a result of severe anxiety. They experience a decrease in the perception their senses and can only concentrate on specific details and cannot process new ones. Panic is the fourth and final level of anxiety. A physical manifestation of panic is much more severe than level three. Persons on this level are completely overwhelmed by their anxiety and usually ignore outside cues as they are only focused on internal ones, and therefore not able to learn.

Proper intervention and attention is needed by persons who experience anxiety on a regular basis. Such a problem should not be ignored or be lightly taken. A lot of patience is needed to deal with such persons and you should carefully listen to them in order to help lower their feeling of anxiety. It is also necessary for you to maintain eye contact when looking at them. You should maintain an unhurried and calm approach at all times. Speak to them in a clear and slow manner using a firm, soft voice. You can help persons suffering viagra en ligne from anxiety by offering them a back rub or a hand in order to ease their emotions. You can encourage calm behavior by decreasing bright lights and noises. It is also important that you get medical help. Doctors can prescribe drugs such as anxiolytics, which decreases levels of anxiety. It is vital that you do not ignore such a condition and ensure that the person receives prompt and proper care.


Is Cloning by IVF possible?

Cloning and IVF both are very different procedure as cloning is the process of making a duplicate of someone or you can say it is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. On the other hand IVF is one of the treatments for infertility in women by helping them to get pregnant naturally and give birth successfully.

Imagine you have an identically same person of yourself. I know some of you think this is not possible but believe me this is possible with the help of cloning and you might not believe that there are human clones among us right now. They are naturally identical twins, not made in laboratory. Sources confirmed that cloning may actually be made possible in the very recent future but this is going to be tough to handle.

IVF fulfill many couples dream to have baby who are not able to conceive naturally. It is the process in which eggs are combined with the sperm and kept in laboratory to fertilize, once eggs are fully fertilized and convert into embryos, the healthy one embryo is transplant into the recipient’s womb for further growth.

IVF is one of the assisted reproductions whereas clone is referred to as one of the form of asexual reproductions. With the help of IVF, one can produce a new individual with a totally separate identity and unlike twins in case of IVF clones would be widely separated in age from the person from whom they were cloned. It has been suggested that cloning by embryo splitting resembles natural twinning and may for that reason be morally preferable to cloning by nuclear transplantation.

Well for scientists who came up with the favorable results for cloning procedure, it is difficult to figure out how they would control if results were flawless. It simply shows that cloning could be the trend and threat as well. Cloning may raise some familiar issues which should be urgently addressed and we can say that cloning may have large effect on human beings life. In addition may increase the definite chance of nightmares for all.

At last we can say that cloning is one which does not apply to IVF as both are used for different procedure.


Holistic treatment for gerd

The whole idea behind holistic medicine is looking to tackle an entire system rather than the component. As we all know, the mind and the body are vitally connected and afffect each other. It is not a suprise then that a holistic treatment for gerd looks to resolve issues in the mind as well as those in the body to cure this distressing condition.

First we must tackle the body in our holistic treatment for gerd. GERD is a malfunctioning of the digestive system. The lower esophagal sphinchter to be specific. the sphincter is allowing stomach to travel back up the esophagus causing irritation (the burning sensation experienced by heartburn sufferers).

In our holistic treatment for gerd, we look at natural remedies and techniques that improve the function of the digestive system!

1. Slow down – I’m guilty of this! I have a huge appetite and I routinely chomp down my food. If you chew your food throoughly, you will allow more enzymes present in your saliva to digest food effectively and you will also swallow more saliva which has soothing properties!

2. Less, more often – Eating less but more frequent meals prevents the reflux of stomach acid from pressure.

Holistic treatment for gerd; the mind

As I mentioned before, a holistic treatment for gerd would not be holistic without incorporating the power of the mind. Here are a few tips;

1. Learn yoga and relaxation – Learning how to breathe properly and relax improves blood circulation. Also, controlled breathing prevents the swallowing of excess air which irritates the stomach and contributes to acid reflux. Avoiding exercise or excitement after a meal helps too!

2. visualisation – No medical evidence suggests that visualisation has an effect on the physical body but research suggests that the mental perception of pain is reduced. However, there is evidence to suggest that the perception of pain is reduced and the quality of life of many patients who practice this is dramatically improved.

Holistic treatment for gerd; the diet

The final component of the holistic diet for gerd is your diet. What you eat or what you eat AFTER you eat have a great influence on ths condition. I’ll give a few tips;

1. Milk – if you are not lactose intolerant, milk is a surefire way to heartburn relief.

2. Apple – an apple after a meal is known to cool down the stomach and soothe heartburn. I use this personally with great results. Also, apples are great for your overal health.

3. Avoid refined carbs – white bread, white sugar, white rice – these can contribute to heartburn. I can readily confirm suffering from heartburn after having white bread and white rice. Sugar is a hot or miss. I sometimes suffer but for the most part, I can get away with it!!


Is It Easy And Secure To Buy Propecia From Online Stores?

Propecia is also called as finasteride, and people use the term Propecia for selling and purchasing this medicine. It is a medicine which is used for curing the problem related to hair loss. Generally, it is used by men, and it also helps in treating the excess growth of hair which occurs in women. It is beneficial for those who are appraising transgender and going through an imbalance of hormones.

This message comes in the antibiotic form and generally taken through the mouth. It doesn’t have too much side-effect on a human’s body as it causes very light and general effects. According to research, generally sexual dysfunction and breast enlargement are experienced by the user who intakes Propecia (finasteride).


The biggest drawback of eating this medicine is risks of prostate cancer, but if an individual has taken it in less quantity, then it is normal for them. This medicine is only available for those individuals who have been prescribed by the doctor. As a reason, we all know that medicines have benefits as well as drawbacks too. So it is better for you if you buy the medicine if it is prescribed by the doctor only.

Is it easy and safe?

Buying this medicine from an online store is easy and safe for you because here, minimal risks will generate, and you can also consider https://melbourne-chemist.com/propecia.php. It is always safe and secure for buying medicines from an online source.

How to buy online?

When you are buying any product online, then make sure that you will focus on each aspect and consequences wisely. And for this, you need to suppress the online store, payment system, delivery period, prescriptions, etc.

How to pay online?

When you are buying medicine online, then make your first preference to buy it from a certified and professional store. As there are a lot of frauds and fake sellers available on the online store and their main agenda is to con the customers. It is beneficial for you if you consider digital payment because here your money will be digitally transferred.


When you are buying online medicines related to drugs or contains a drug, then make sure that you don’t buy it from any local or general computer because the number of risks is quite here and basic. It is better for you to take precautions at an early stage.


Kamagra – gain important details about it!

Erectile dysfunction can be treated by kamagra, and there are lots of the people who are looking to this medication for taking the treatment for ED. Along with the intention of taking the medication, there is one thought running in the mind of people, which is that either it is safe to take or not. If you are one of them who wants to collect information about the drug, then the post is perfect for them. Here are details declared below, which can help in let the person get to know about the drug, which is enough for taking the right decision regarding taking it or not.

It is the drug which comes in two forms, one is a tablet and the second one is the jelly. If you are thinking to take it, then makes sure to take both of them together. For more necessary details, go through https://www.kamagraperth.com/darwin.php, the site will help in letting you gain more and more about the effects.

 What kamagra is?

Kamagra is the treatment which is taken for the erectile dysfunction. This is the medication which is manufactured basically in India, but this is sold online without any prescription. In the UK and EU, it is totally banned, but without a prescription, it can be sold. There are lots of people who are exporting kamagra to other countries just as the alternative of Viagra. It is a kind of cheaper alternative which also works. Not only for the erectile dysfunction, but there are many other issues also which can be treated by kamagra.

 Taking kamagra is legal or not

In previous times, kamagra is legal to be taken, but nowadays, kamagra is not licensed. It is not made to be sale in the UK and in the EU. So basically, it is illegal to sell and even buy in these countries.

Difference between kamagra and Viagra

Kamagra also contains the same active ingredient as Viagra is having. Kamagra is illegal to be taken, and from the illegal websites, one can take it. The medicines have the same functioning as like the Viagra, but it can cause much harm to the body and make the health worse. It is a little bit dangerous medicine.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will buy kamagra after getting suggested by doctors and supervisors. Most of the people take it without prescription, and later on, they face a lot of problems.


Baby Food Diet

What is the Baby Food Diet?

The Baby Food Diet is so new there are no books or comprehensive guidelines to provide details on how it works or how to follow it. It’s considered a celebrity diet, designed by trainers to the stars for their star clients. It allows dieters to curb their food cravings, eat on the run, and lose weight quickly.

You can choose from a number of versions of the Baby Food Diet. You can replace snacks and one or two meals a day with jarred baby food. Or you can just replace snacks with baby food. In theory you could replace all your meals with baby food, but most proponents of this diet recommend eating one regular, adult meal each day—plus 14 four-ounce jars of baby food.

The idea behind the Baby Food Diet is that you stay satisfied with less food. Because the food is so bland and unappealing, you do not overeat. And because you do not overeat, you lose weight. Some consider it a type of cleanse or detox.

About the Baby Food

Following the baby food diet should result in taking in fewer calories and therefore losing weight. However, not all baby food has the same calorie content, so you have to choose carefully or you will wind up with too many calories. Take a look at the calorie content of some of the most popular baby foods (calories are approximate for one 3.5-4 ounce serving):

  • Gerber or Beechnut applesauce: 60
  • Gerber or Beechnut bananas: 112
  • Gerber beef with vegetables: 67
  • Earth’s Best organic winter squash:  40
  • Earth’s Best organic or Gerber pears: 80
  • Beechnut, Gerber, or Heinz green beans: 28
  • Heinz organic lamb with vegetables: 75
  • Heinz apricots: 80
  • Heinz banana/grape/plum: 120

You can see from this short list that 14 jars of baby food can range from a low of 392 calories a day to high of 1,680 calories a day. You have to read labels carefully so you can be aware of your calorie intake. Unfortunately, the Baby Food Diet does not advise followers on how many calories they should get from the baby food and how much from the one real meal.

You also have to be careful about additives. Many people mistakenly believe that baby food does not contain any preservatives or other additives. The fact is that some baby food does have additives and preservatives. If you want to take advantage of the no additives and no preservatives claims of Baby Food Diet advocates, you need to read the labels carefully.

The good news is that baby food is full nutrients and tends to be low in fats, sugar, and salt. You also have a huge variety of foods to choose from, which can help you from getting bored with this diet.

Benefits of the Baby Food Diet

Baby food is readily available and convenient. It does not need refrigeration. You don’t even need a lunch bag. You can easily carry it with you and eat it wherever you are.

Because the food is so bland most people are not tempted to overeat. There is a tremendous amount of variety in the types of baby food available.

You can choose gluten free and organic baby foods, and you can certainly stick to a vegetarian diet.

Portion control is easy.

Concerns about the Baby Food Diet

Baby food has the nutrients that babies need; it doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of adults. Baby food lacks adequate fiber, calcium, and vitamin D and is too low in the healthy fats adults need.

Depending on your choices, you could find yourself with a dangerously low calorie intake. Too few calories can slow down your metabolism, which slows down weight loss. Not getting enough calories can also trigger eating disorders. In addition, it can affect your blood sugar, causing spikes that lead to hunger and binge eating.

Chewing contributes to the feeling of fullness. Pureed food may leave you feel unsatisfied and hungry.

The Baby Food Diet does not teach dieters about healthy eating, portion control, preparing food, or meal planning. There is no exercise component to the diet, nor is there a plan for long-term weight maintenance.

The Baby Food Diet lacks guidance about what types of baby food to eat, what to expect on the diet, how to eat a balanced diet on baby food, how to transition in and out of the diet, and other important diet issues.  For example, from the available information it is unclear if followers are to eat 14 jars of baby food in place of some or all meals or snacks. If you eat one real meal, do you need to eat 14 jars of baby food a day? Where did the magic number of 14 come from?

Plus, no scientific studies support the claims of the diet. The long-term risks and benefits of the diet are not known.

This is an extremely restricted diet, which makes it unsustainable for more than a very limited amount of time.


In considering the Baby Food Diet, nutrition experts point out that any diet that limits calories is likely to result in weight loss. Most nutritionists recommend that people who want to lose weight choose a more balanced and less restrictive diet. They recommend a healthy diet–high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein—plus regular exercise and healthy eating habits. On the other hand, most experts agree that a few days on the Baby Food Diet can do no harm for most people.

As with all diets, it’s a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before embarking on the Baby Food Diet, especially is you take medications or have serious health problems.