Project 8: ethical issues in cancer screening

Work by Lisa Parker, supervised by Stacy Carter.

Over the course of this project on cancer screening ethics we have discussed many issues that are relevant to screening policies and practices for all three cancers that we are focusing on (cervical, breast and prostate cancer).  We analysed across the project to draw out some important ethical issues regarding cancer screening. Publications in this stream of work are below.

Rychetnik L, Carter SM, Barratt A, Irwig L. Expanding the evidence on cancer screening: the value of scientific, social and ethical perspectives. The Medical journal of Australia. 2013;198(10):536-9.

Carter SM. Ethical aspects of cancer screening. Cancer Forum. 2016;40(2):105-9.

Parker L, Carter SM, Williams J, Pickles K, Barratt A. Avoiding harm and supporting autonomy are under-prioritised in cancer-screening policies and practices. Eur J Cancer. 2017;85:1-5.

Carter SM. Valuing Healthcare Improvement: Implicit Norms, Explicit Normativity, and Human Agency. Health care analysis. 2017 In Press.