Depression or Illness?

When I reached my early forties I started getting very irritable and it seemed like everyday was blue no matter what was happening.  It got to the point I had to ask myself am I clinically depressed.  Because  I am a woman and also because of my age I knew I had to go the doctor and get my hormone levels checked.  Good thing I did because it turned out my thyroid levels were way out of balance and I had a disease called Hashimoto.  This is when your immune system attacks your thyroid gland until it is all gone.  Well, I was happy I had an answer to my depression and I was not clinically depressed, but I was not happy with my diagnosis. I knew that once  you get one autoimmune disease it was very easy to get more.   It was time I cleaned up my act and got healthy.

The first think I did was find a naturopathic MD.  He put me on Nature Thyroid which is better and more natural for your body then synthetic thyroid pills that are full of aluminum. (yes, its true!)  We then proceeded to start cleansing my body because usually only a toxic body develops an autoimmune disease.  The first cleanse I went on was a candida and parasite cleanse.  This consisted of  a very strict diet eliminating all yeast, white flour, dairy, sugar and artificial sugars.  What did I eat?  Mainly vegetables and lean protein sans the beef or pork.  I also discovered that I was allergic to gluten.  With this cleanse I did a bowel cleanse and took anti fungal and anti candida supplements to clear out the bad yeast and parasites.3 months later I felt incredibly better and my thyroid antibodies were way down.  This was a tough task but what helped my get though the hard times were inspiring meaningful quotes that I carried around with me in my purse along with pictures of my young children.  I knew that in order to be a grandmother for their children one day I had to do this.  And the best part is I lost 25lbs along the way!