Different Levels of Anxiety, Learn Here

Anxiety is a human phenomenon that s universal. It is a usually defined as a feeling of great dread or fear due to a cause that is unknown. Everyone knows what it feels like to be anxious as we have all experienced such a feeling at some point in life. As soon as you are anxious, you may feel like getting rid of such a feeling and may want to feel normal again but somehow you cialis achat cannot control it.

For some individuals anxiety is a frequent experience. They are overwhelmed by the feeling that they are up against unseen situations more regularly than do normal persons. Nearly everything seems unfamiliar to them. Anxiety of this form is a reflection of change in one’s mental state. Studies have shown that frequent panic or anxiety attacks are related to being regularly exposed to stressors. Based on such studies, anxiety is a natural human reaction to being stressed.

Anxiety has four levels. Mild anxiety is experienced by those persons suffering from increased blood pressure and pulse. Such persons are alert just the same and are able to solve problems. Persons who experience increased vital signs, diaphoresis (excessive sweating), and tense muscles fall within a moderate anxiety level. Such persons are usually fearful and anxious and are focused only on a single concern. If you fall within the third level of anxiety then you have a severe case. Persons in the third level experience dry mouth, numbness, and a constant state of “fight/flight”. These are persons who can hardly move as a result of severe anxiety. They experience a decrease in the perception their senses and can only concentrate on specific details and cannot process new ones. Panic is the fourth and final level of anxiety. A physical manifestation of panic is much more severe than level three. Persons on this level are completely overwhelmed by their anxiety and usually ignore outside cues as they are only focused on internal ones, and therefore not able to learn.

Proper intervention and attention is needed by persons who experience anxiety on a regular basis. Such a problem should not be ignored or be lightly taken. A lot of patience is needed to deal with such persons and you should carefully listen to them in order to help lower their feeling of anxiety. It is also necessary for you to maintain eye contact when looking at them. You should maintain an unhurried and calm approach at all times. Speak to them in a clear and slow manner using a firm, soft voice. You can help persons suffering viagra en ligne from anxiety by offering them a back rub or a hand in order to ease their emotions. You can encourage calm behavior by decreasing bright lights and noises. It is also important that you get medical help. Doctors can prescribe drugs such as anxiolytics, which decreases levels of anxiety. It is vital that you do not ignore such a condition and ensure that the person receives prompt and proper care.