Holistic treatment for gerd

The whole idea behind holistic medicine is looking to tackle an entire system rather than the component. As we all know, the mind and the body are vitally connected and afffect each other. It is not a suprise then that a holistic treatment for gerd looks to resolve issues in the mind as well as those in the body to cure this distressing condition.

First we must tackle the body in our holistic treatment for gerd. GERD is a malfunctioning of the digestive system. The lower esophagal sphinchter to be specific. the sphincter is allowing stomach to travel back up the esophagus causing irritation (the burning sensation experienced by heartburn sufferers).

In our holistic treatment for gerd, we look at natural remedies and techniques that improve the function of the digestive system!

1. Slow down – I’m guilty of this! I have a huge appetite and I routinely chomp down my food. If you chew your food throoughly, you will allow more enzymes present in your saliva to digest food effectively and you will also swallow more saliva which has soothing properties!

2. Less, more often – Eating less but more frequent meals prevents the reflux of stomach acid from pressure.

Holistic treatment for gerd; the mind

As I mentioned before, a holistic treatment for gerd would not be holistic without incorporating the power of the mind. Here are a few tips;

1. Learn yoga and relaxation – Learning how to breathe properly and relax improves blood circulation. Also, controlled breathing prevents the swallowing of excess air which irritates the stomach and contributes to acid reflux. Avoiding exercise or excitement after a meal helps too!

2. visualisation – No medical evidence suggests that visualisation has an effect on the physical body but research suggests that the mental perception of pain is reduced. However, there is evidence to suggest that the perception of pain is reduced and the quality of life of many patients who practice this is dramatically improved.

Holistic treatment for gerd; the diet

The final component of the holistic diet for gerd is your diet. What you eat or what you eat AFTER you eat have a great influence on ths condition. I’ll give a few tips;

1. Milk – if you are not lactose intolerant, milk is a surefire way to heartburn relief.

2. Apple – an apple after a meal is known to cool down the stomach and soothe heartburn. I use this personally with great results. Also, apples are great for your overal health.

3. Avoid refined carbs – white bread, white sugar, white rice – these can contribute to heartburn. I can readily confirm suffering from heartburn after having white bread and white rice. Sugar is a hot or miss. I sometimes suffer but for the most part, I can get away with it!!