Is Cloning by IVF possible?

Cloning and IVF both are very different procedure as cloning is the process of making a duplicate of someone or you can say it is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. On the other hand IVF is one of the treatments for infertility in women by helping them to get pregnant naturally and give birth successfully.

Imagine you have an identically same person of yourself. I know some of you think this is not possible but believe me this is possible with the help of cloning and you might not believe that there are human clones among us right now. They are naturally identical twins, not made in laboratory. Sources confirmed that cloning may actually be made possible in the very recent future but this is going to be tough to handle.

IVF fulfill many couples dream to have baby who are not able to conceive naturally. It is the process in which eggs are combined with the sperm and kept in laboratory to fertilize, once eggs are fully fertilized and convert into embryos, the healthy one embryo is transplant into the recipient’s womb for further growth.

IVF is one of the assisted reproductions whereas clone is referred to as one of the form of asexual reproductions. With the help of IVF, one can produce a new individual with a totally separate identity and unlike twins in case of IVF clones would be widely separated in age from the person from whom they were cloned. It has been suggested that cloning by embryo splitting resembles natural twinning and may for that reason be morally preferable to cloning by nuclear transplantation.

Well for scientists who came up with the favorable results for cloning procedure, it is difficult to figure out how they would control if results were flawless. It simply shows that cloning could be the trend and threat as well. Cloning may raise some familiar issues which should be urgently addressed and we can say that cloning may have large effect on human beings life. In addition may increase the definite chance of nightmares for all.

At last we can say that cloning is one which does not apply to IVF as both are used for different procedure.