Is Polio Contagious?

Is Polio Contagious? Yes it is. Polio causes from virus, it can disseminating everywhere. Virus can find in dirty environment. Polio (Poliomielitis) is paralysis which is distress of where that paralysis in resulting from virus. Virus Polio in mentioning by poliovirus (PV). Poliovirus groans the body passing mouth and hereinafter spread to intestine channel and causes the infection of intestine. Accessible Poliovirus to blood stream and disseminate to nerve system center and can weaken the muscle and sometime cause paralysis. Poliovirus that is very catching small virus RNA.

Moment poliovirus groan the nerve system center hence patient will experience of the paralysis sudden, even paralysis can be happened in clock quantification after contagious patient of poliovirus. All age can be attacked by polio, but from existing case most patient of children from age 3 till 5 year. For the incubation period of poliovirus about 3 until 35 day. Spreading Poliovirus happened on the quiet which from some patient which infection does not feel the symptom so that patient does not know if x’self is being infected poliovirus. Incoming virus passing mouth and nose then multiply in red lane and channel of digestion or intestine. Hereinafter, permeated and venous pass system and small channel lymph. Viruses usually enter the body pass cavity orofaring and multiply in tractus digestives, gland of lymph of regional and system retikuloendotelial.

This incubation period take place between 7-14 day, and earning also span from 2 until 35 day. After 3-5 day since the happening of exposure, virus can found from gullet, blood and faces. In a state of this arise the virus growth, body react with forming specific antibody. If roommates vulnerable human being exposed by poliovirus hence the one from some response in the following will be happened, that is: infection is not real and without symptoms, arise the light pain (abortive poliomyelitis, poliomyelitis no paralytic, paralytic poliomyelitis). Differ from the other; dissimilar virus groaning nerve formation, hence neuropathology poliomyelitis usually patognomonik and virus only groan the certain area and cell of nerve formation, not all neuron incurred by same damage and if/when light, can be happened by the healing of function neuron in 3-4 week hereafter arise symptom.

Poliomyelitis is acute virus infection disease entangling medulla spinals and brain bar. Insulation have 3 virus type that is type Brunhilde, Lansing And Leon causing this disease, what is each not result the crossed immunity. When a experiencing of infection with one virus type he will get the impenetrability which remain that virus, keep environment clean to virus of polio