Jane Williams


PhD Scholar, Australian Postgraduate Award

Jane headshot

My project is focused on how cervical screening is organised and the implications of organisational decisions for how women and practitioners experience and understand screening. I’m talking with experts from a number of countries about their screening programs in order to better understand some of the variability between programs and look at impacts of organising beyond mortality benefit. My overall purpose is to derive general lessons for the organisation of screening programs that will be useful for future planning and policy.


Williams JH, Carter SM, Rychetnik L. ‘Organised’ cervical screening 45 years on: How consistent are organised screening practices? European Journal of Cancer. 2014;50(17): 3029–3038.

Carter SM, Williams J, Parker L, Pickles K, Jacklyn G, Rychetnik L, Barratt A. Screening for cervical, prostate and breast cancer: how should the evidence be interpreted?  American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2015; 49(2),274-85.

Williams JH, Carter SM, Rychetnik L. Information provision in cervical screening in AustraliaThe Medical Journal of Australia. 2014;201(5):295-7.

Conference presentations:

“Ethical issues in cervical screening program communication” at Communicating Health Symposium Melbourne, Dec 2012 (oral presentation)