The Digest Diet Food List Must You Avoid

The digest diet should you do if you experience stomach problems, when you are doing weight loss program. By doing this diet you will be easier to digest the food which of course is present in the specified list.

Actually the digest diet is not very difficult if you to do attention to exactly. What you should avoid in your diet. You do not have to total avoid it because we can still work around this by cooking pattern or the way we consume this food.


I cannot deny that I really like meat.

The most important first while undergo the digest diet. As much as possible you should avoid meat. As we know, the meat was the most difficult for us to digest. So if you still have to eat meat, make more streamlined pieces that we do not trouble to digest.

I am very careful with the fat in the meat. So I prefer to fish sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. What should you remember if you take too much can still be harsh on the stomach; so I can be say that olive oil is not good if you to do this diet.


You can feel when you are chew and swallow bread.

The second is the bread, the bread of the texture and the ingredient is one of the easiest foods to digest. Judging from ingredient dough is soft but it is not good to eat when we go on the digest diet.

But the bread can turn into a hard ball in our stomach. The major problem posed by the bread is that it has no digestive enzymes like other foods. For example, as raw vegetables, it is has natural enzymes contained therein.

NOTE: If you have gluten intolerance; by eating the bread that you can actually become the enemy of your digestive system. So try do not taking it for a while and see if your stomach feels better as a result.


The problem is that milk contains the lactose.

The third one you also have to be careful with milk products. We need five hours to digest cheese. Could be interpreted that contained in the milk products such as cheese are foods that are difficult for our stomachs to digest it.

Lactose is the milk sugar that present in all natural milk; and most people cannot tolerate it. You will see the impact this when you get older age. If the days of your youth consume lots of ice cream that contains lactose then you would pay at a time when older.



Next is nuts, these foods are also extremely difficult to digest. Peanuts are one of the most difficult foods for our stomach to digest it. Because it takes a certain type of enzymes to break them down and most people do not have a lot of this enzyme to work.

If you have to eat beans, start with small amounts and gradually work up to larger portions over a period of time. Or you can grind the beans in a blender first. If not, you feel sick in the stomach. I have reduced the nuts in my menu in the past year. And have noticed that my digestion is much better than I use, because I have been successful with the diet digest.